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In this iMX RT1170 demo, which navigation framework/API is being used?

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In fact this demo simply uses a pre-rendered map and scrolls that along the given path. As the title of the video already says - it's just a demo. However, when it comes to a real-world project you can use two different ways in order to integrate an external navigation stack:

  1. Use Embedded Wizard's built-in vector graphics rendering engine, e.g. by using the StrokedPath view, and let Embedded Wizard render the data accordingly, or
  2. Let the external navigation stack render the content on the fly with its own rendering engine. For an integration, the so-called Views::Applet can be used. Within every installation of the Embedded Wizard Studio, also a dedicated example (i.e. 'Applet') is deployed as well.
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In Google Maps API, Mapbox API, the path is obtained as a GET request in the form of a JSON file. Is it possible to render such path in JSON format in the Embedded Wizard?
In fact we did a proof of concept by using open street map data. However, it's up to you to transform the given JSON data and transform those into API calls to render the path. Hope this helps...
Thank you for your help, Manuel.

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