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Then i have got a class with a property of the type Unit-Class. This Unit-class contains String, Factor, Offset. I want to set this property with defined objects of the Unit-Class and with variables. Setting the property with a variable causes in attaching the observer to the value of the variable, but not the variable itself.

When I want to attach to the variable, i have to use the reference expression, but I think it is not possible here, because i also want to set objects.

Is it possible to handle both inputs - variables and objects?

Kind regards Jonas

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Hello Jonas,

I'm sorry, but I do not really understand your question. If you intent to use one and the same variable to store an object and a reference to a property, then this is not possible. A variable can store only values according to the type of the variable. Consequently, a variable intended to store a reference to a property can't store an object. The same in reverse: a variable declared to store an object can't store a reference to property.

Best regards

Paul Banach
Yes, i had already thought that. Therefore i created two properties - one for the variable and one for the object. I hoped there would be a smarter solution. Thanks anyway

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