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i am cretaed new form with firstname,lastname,age ... data fields.

when i changed the language to spanish,russian ... the datafieds values are changed and size also increased.so i am not able see the full text value.

in this case how to i change the size of the textfied.can you please guide me  to resolve the issue.


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Hello Ramesh

the simple workflow in such case is to adjust the Bounds of affected text views in advance so they are large enough for all the languages you plan to display there. This is what our customers typically do.

A ready-to-use automatism to deal with such situations is not available. Each GUI layout is too individual. If you want the layout of a GUI component to change dynamically depending on the displayed content, you will need to handle this explicitly. You will need to implement a layout algorithm where you calculate the space needed for all text and other views and adjust the position of the surrounding views. Following few hints can help you to understand this approach:

1. You can configure the Text view to automatically change its size to the content shown in the view. See Configure the Text view to adjust its size automatically.

2. You can calculate the size needed for a Text and based on this value adapt the position of all surrounding views. The calculated value can also be used to adapt the size (Bounds) of the superior GUI component to fit the the size alternation of the embedded Text views. For details how you calculate the size of the text see: Arrange other views on the content of the Text view.

Best regards

Paul Banach

Thanks PaulBanach.It is working now

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