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    1. I am creating small form with multiple language .when i open the form it is take more time to load the form because of fonts.

   2.I am passing input from global varible .it is not showing correctly. input font size is showing dfferent


please guide me to fix this

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Hello GuruRamesh,

concerning the first question: loading fonts should not take much time unless you are using a TrueType Engine what I assume is not your application case. How much time is in your case "more time"? Where do you observe the behavior: in the Prototyper or in the target system?

Concerning your second question: based on the provided information I have no idea what problem do you have and how to help you. 

Best regards

Paul Banach

HI Paul,

     Que:2 -->   In form contains firstname,lastnamae,age ... datafeilds.

              All the datafilds font size is -geinspira 32 but now showing different size.please see the screenshot

      firstname and lastname both font size is 32 only.

Hello GuruRamesh,

thank you for the further details. It is more clear now.

From technical point of view, a single font can't contain multiple equal glyphs with different sizes. For example, it can't contain the glyph 'e' in a small and large version:

It seems to me as if one of the following options is true:

1. The field 'First name' is configured with another font. Check once more the initialization of the fields.

2. The font for the 'Field name' is changed dynamically at the runtime within the implementation of the form. Maybe in your implementation you assign another font to the fields?

3. The used font is overridden by a variant and this variant is switched on (or off) dynamically at the runtime after the fields 'Patient Id' and 'Last name' has been initialized and before 'First name' and 'age' have been initialized. This would mean that your application uses the Styles to switch on/off the variant. Is this the case?

Does one of the above options apply to your actual implementation? If you can't find the cause of the problem, you can upload an example demonstrating it.

Concerning your first question, if you observe the delay during the prototyping only, this delay is possible. This is because during prototyping the font resources are converted just in the moment when the font is used for the first time. If this is what you observe then don't worry, the delay will not appear in the target system. It is just an effect of how the prototyper handles the resources internally.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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