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I have to execute screen verification with different language. For that I have to change language from application setup and repeat the testcase for each language.

How can I achieve this?

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you can register the test suite that contains your testcases again with a different language. Please check out the example included in the testframework bundle. There the testsuites are registered as following (Tests::RunnerConfiguration):

// register Tests::ApplicationTestSuiteExample in [Color] skin and Default Language
RegisterTestSuite( (new Tests::ApplicationTestSuiteExample).Initialize( [Color], "[Color]", Default, "Default" ) );

// register Tests::ApplicationTestSuiteExample in [Color] skin and German Language
RegisterTestSuite( (new Tests::ApplicationTestSuiteExample).Initialize( [Color], "[Color]", German, "German" ) );


I tried as above. But getting error

Error Tests::RunnerConfiguration.Init (9:69) : Unknown identifier 'Color' found.
Error : Can not initialize a new object. The constructor of the class 'Test::RunnerApplication' is failed.
Runtime Core::Group.Add (2:3) : Chora exception: 'No view to add'.

Color is a style used inside the test framework example. I assume that you do not have this inside your project. Therefore do not use it as a parameter. Call it like:

RegisterTestSuite( (new YOUR_TEST_SUITE_CLASS).Initialize( [], "", Default, "Default" ) );


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