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Can we create generic function for menus so that it can be reused in all menus and no need to repeat logic.

If there could u please provide code or solution.

Thanks for all solutions which were asked previously and those solutions helped for my project.

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Hello Manvitha,

depending on what function do you expect in your application case there are two possibilities:

1. Implement the function as method in a common (generic) menu component. Use this menu component thereupon as base class for all specialized menus. Consequently, all descending menus can use the method. To derive the specialized menus from the common menu component see Subclassing components.

2. Implement a new class containing the method. Create an autoobject of this class. Through the autoobject you can access the method from elsewhere in your project. The autoobject is a global entity. See also Creating non visual components.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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