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Hi, I have 2 questions

1) If I read an image dynamically in PNG format inside EW is it automatically read as bitmap? and can you send me reference link for the help where I can see details about how to read dynamic images?
2) After reading an image of size lets say 320 by 240 px . Can I use some inbuilt functionality by EW to scale it down to a specific pixel size keeping the aspect ratio intact?

I already tried autosize but I think it just displays the whole image with the same size and autosizing the View area provided. I want something vise versa, that the view area is fixed and bitmap is rescaled to fix inside the provided view area.
I would be grateful for the help as always :)

Best Regards,
Mariam Sohail

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Hello MariamSohail,

concerning the dynamic loading of images please note that Embedded Wizard limits to provide an interface you can implement and so integrate an external image decoder. For more details let me refer to the following chapters:

Displaying dynamically loaded images

Extern Bitmap interface

Once you have an external image decoder integrated and the dynamic images can be loaded, you can display the image using an Image view. The Image view can be configured to scale the image also by taking in account the aspect ratio. See also:

Align, scale or stretch the bitmap within the Image view

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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