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I am using Embedded Wizard Studio 11 Pro edition. I am developing a GUI with resolution 800x480. Profile screen size, Application class(Core::Root) bounds are set to the same value. But the contents of the class are invisible, although Opacity = 255 & Visible = true. The composer contains only placeholders as seen in the attachment. The contents are visible and there is no problem when I run the prototyper of the same class. Also if the same contents are copied to any other class, contents are visible in composer as expected. Can you please suggest the possible cause for the same?




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Hello Kavya,

the gray place holders appear when you switch on the "Outline View Mode". Just press the keys CTRL+E or select the menu item "Outline view mode" from the menu "Extras" to switch off it again. See also Outline view mode.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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