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Hi EW Team,

I have a question concerning a possibility of the curve data.
I plan to implement in my application a summary of the positions of 2 curves relatively to each others.

In picture, it could look like this :

The datas would not be real-time.

How could I make the bottom bar following the datas of the graph?

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Hello Velas,

the simplest (and economic concerning RAM and CPU usage) would be the Rectangle view. According to the above image, you would need 3 Rectangle views arranged side by side. All views would have the same height. In turn the width of each view is different similar to the colors. To arrange the views at the runtime you modify their Bounds property. If the number of views (the number of bars) changes, you can also create/add the views dynamically. See also the section Compose the component programmatically.

I hope it answers your question.

Best regards

Paul Banach

Thank you M. Banach, it answers my question!

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