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In vertical list, the aim is to recreate the screen with the same first, last item and selected item which was visible previously. 


screen before leaving :                        resulting screen after switching : 

I have stored selected item and first item (radio) before switching, while coming back in the initialization I retrieved both the data. In that selected item is pointing correctly. But when I assigned the first item index to the vertical list.item. It is getting reseted to 0 before going to onloaditem slot method and started loading from 0th index. 

How do I recreate with the expected first item. Expected result is to get the same screen which is shown in the first image screen before leaving.

Thank you.


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Hello Meenakshi Sundaram,

it should be sufficient to store (and later restore) the values of the both properties: SelectedItem and ScrollOffset. Both are int32 values.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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