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Is there a mechanism in Embedded Wizard to detect the inactivity of the application. For eg, if user does not interact with the application say for 5 minutes, we have to log off the user. We have multiple screens and multiple controls inside each screen.

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you can implement this log-off feature for the current user within your application class. There you can add a timer with an initial delay of 5 minutes and implement the logic to log-off the user in case the timer is expired. The slot method ResetLogOffTimer() is used to stop and start the timer.

Now you can override the method HandleEvent of your application class and send a signal to restart the timer:

As long there is no user interaction, the timer will run until the 5 minutes are over. As soon there is an user input, the timer restarts.

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Hello Thanseer,

I would recommend to signal ResetLogOffTimer from following methods: DriveMultiTouchHittingDriveMultiTouchMovement and if you application is using keyboard or hardware buttons also DriveKeyboardHitting. That means, override the methods in your Application component and implement there code similar to the above example of Manfred (idlesignal and then perform super() call). The method HandleEvent is not guaranteed to be invoked in all cases.

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