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I have some doubts or questions about adding the Polish language to our application

I remember that each character that is taken into account in the font range occupies an important space in the memory of the application. In this sense, 
could it be a problem to add the Polish special characters (Ą, Ć, Ę, Ł, Ń, Ó, Ś, Ź and Ż...)?

- If they take up so much, could the characters be added individually or does it have to be by range? If they can be added individually, how would it be expressed in the "Ranges" section (visible in the image above).


I normally use the Lato font, but we have seen that it does not contain all the characters needed for Polish. The Arial font, on the other hand, seems to do.
In order not to change the font for all clients, how could we associate a unique font to Polish? I read that a variant could be created, but i don´t know how to do it. Do you have tutorial on how to do it?


In case we do not translate all the texts, and we leave the Polish box empty in the translations, how would that text be displayed on the screen? In default language (English in our case), or without text?

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No, you can have several ranges, and you can also add unitary characters into the list.
Here is an example where I added in fact added Polish also, and Russian.

If a component (e.g. strings, bitmap resources) that support language has an empty position for a given language, then it is indeed the default one which is taken. That is why also the default one cannot be empty.

As for the variant, indeed this is a good way of doing it. you can find some information in the help page of Embedded Wizard: https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/managing-project-variants?v=12.00

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