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After development, when we are trying to push the code to our server, we are facing issues with .ewui files. We have created one screen named service_mode_screen. 

Inside Application.ewu folder we are having only file named service_mode_screen.ewui.

But while trying to push it to the server we are seeing two files as shown in the image below.

That other file which is in the name Service_mode_screen.ewui is newly present here which is not in the project folder. Inside this new file we are able to see one difference which is, the file name is Service_mode_screen.ewui but the class name inside the file is service_mode_screen. 

We can't resolve this error. When we try to revert or delete that other file Service_mode_screen.ewui, it is also affecting the original file. Is this because of some change we did in that file, from your side, is it possible to guide us to rectify this issue ?


Thank you, 

Meenakshi Sundaram S R.


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Hello Meenakshi,

the error case is not clear for me. Assuming you are working with Windows OS, the Windows file system is usually not case sensitive. The existence of two files with same name differing only in lower/upper case notation should not occur.

I could eventually imagine that when the files are stored on an external file system supporting lower/upper case notation and you have named the class originally Service_mode_screen and then renamed it to service_mode_screen, the file system could retain both files simultaneously. On the other side, if I understood you correctly, you see only one file in the folder. Where is the other file?

Hmmm ... I would try to backup the file service_mode_screen manually to a separate location. Then revert or delete the undesired file Service_mode_screen. Finally copy the backup of service_mode_screen back to the folder and try to commit the changes.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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