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i'm getting EMWI ERROR: code: 445 when  calling :

EwInvokeCopy( UpdateUartCharProc,RxBuf, Size);

to process the string:


What can be a solution? enlarge the queue? some sort segmentation?


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Hello Riccardo,

the error informs that "The amount of data to copy to the invocation queue passed to the function EwInvokeCopy() is larger than the queue itself. It will never fit inside the queue even if the queue were empty.".

You will need to enlarge the invocation queue. For this purpose look for the file ewconfig.h. Within the file search for the macro EW_INVOCATION_QUEUE_SIZE. Probably the macro is initialized with the value 64. That means 64 bytes.

Configure the macro with a value at least as large as the longest string you plan to add to the queue plus 16 bytes needed internally. If you have sufficient memory available, I would recommend to calculate with additional reserve for the case of multiple invocations you want to be queued at the same time. See also Caches and Buffers Configuration.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

if I enlarge the queue lets say to 128, i get in to [HardFaultHandler].

instead leaving it to 64 returns the error i mentioned before.

EDIT: found a bug :')   solved

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