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At my project appear a Scrolloffset value error when list slide end

Like the below picture show:


The list link with the Slide Touch Handler, Slide Touch Handler property SnapNext/SnapFirst/SnapLast set to 80 which is the list item height.

Set a break point at the slot which will be invoked when the Slide Touch Handler slide end.

The list have 5 item members, when slide stop at the 1/2/3/4 item, project stop at the break point, at the variables window the ScrollOffset value is 0/-80/-160/-240. It's work very well.

But when we slide stop at the last item, when the project enter the break point,as the variables window show  the ScrollOffset value is -317

why  the ScrollOffset value is not -320 ?It's not even a multiple of 80?


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why  the ScrollOffset value is not -320 ?It's not even a multiple of 80?

difficult to explain the cause based of the provided information. In fact the Slide Touch Handler should stop at a multiple of 80. Can you check the properties PaddingTop and PaddingBottom of the list? Values != 0 found in these properties can add additional scroll displacement.

If you can't find the cause, please isolate the problem in a simple example and upload it here for further analysis.

Best regards

Paul Banach

Thanks for your answer,i check my project property result this problem

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