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Hello EW,

I'm using EW 11.0.
Try to import a Logo animation, two seconds, the size of each frame is 1920x720.
Log window gives such error message, does this mean I need to shrink my logo animation.

[6.6.2024 15:54:07] Information : Prototype the class 'Screen_Logo::LogoScreen' ...
[6.6.2024 15:54:07] Information Lib_Bitmaps::Logo : Loading and transcoding the MJPEG (motion JPEG) file specified in the bitmap resource 'Lib_Bitmaps::Logo'. Due to the large number of frames (24) in the MJPEG file this operation can take few seconds ...
[6.6.2024 15:54:11] Fatal error Lib_Bitmaps::Logo : Could not convert the language variant 'Default' of the bitmap resource 'Lib_Bitmaps::Logo'. Out of memory exception
[6.6.2024 15:54:11] Fatal error Lib_Bitmaps::Logo : Can not create a new resource object. The conversion of the resource 'Lib_Bitmaps::Logo' is failed.


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Hello DongdongA,

according to the error message, the file was too large for the conversion so the processing of the file consumed the entire available memory. Generally, the MJPEG import is not a replacement for a video playback. It is a convenience feature to simply import small and short sequences, like animated icons. These are then stored as Animated Bitmap resources. It is not intended to import full screen videos. If you want to play back a video, Extern Video could be better solution.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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