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is it possibel to scale the simulation window to get the same physical size as the targets LCD?
The target system has a 5" 800 x 480 LCD, the simulation on a PC Screen is much bigger then the 5".
Its difficult to estimate wether the control elements have the right size to be handled properly.


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actually, the contents displayed in the Prototyper window can't be scalled. The window displays all GUI pixel in a 1:1 relation. If you are working with a PC having a Hi-Res display, the contents in the Prototyper window will appear smaller then on a display with normal DPI resolution. Only if your PC display has the same DPI resolution as the LCD in the target device, the contents will appear with the same physical size.

Please note the attribute ScreenSize available in the Profile member. The value of this attribute is expressed in pixel and should determine the resolution of the LCD display in the target devices. Accordingly, the Prototyper window uses this attribute to determine its own size. Maybe, this is what you mean with scaling and physical size?

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