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Since your questions does not contain a detailed description, it is difficult to give you a good advice....

In principle, the Prototyper is able to provide all of the described keyboard shortcuts to your UI application. Of course, your UI application has to contain the corresponding key event handler.

In order to verify, that the keyboard events are properly delivered to your UI application, please try the following:

Add a Key Press Handler object from the Gallery (folder 'Event Handlers') into your application class. Add a slot method to your application class, rename it to 'OnKeyEvent'. 

Set the property 'OnPress' of the KeyHandler to the value 'OnKeyEvent'. As a result, the slot method is called each time the KeyHandler receives a key event. Now, you can add the following code into your slot method:

trace KeyHandler.Code;

Start your application within the Prototyper and press some keys on your keyboard - within the Log Window you will see the corresponding key codes. 

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