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In my application, I have to use the alphaNumericKeyboard. I have added the keyboard, KeyHandler and KeyPressHandlerSlot. These works perfect when i run it with the start prototyper, but when i run with start prototyper with application class the keyboard handler and the slot does not work.

Is there any idea why?

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if I understand you correctly, you have a component which contains a KeyHandler and a slot method receiving the key events. When you type some numeric keys on the PC keyboard, the slot method receives the events. But this only works, when you are prototyping the component - but not when you are prototyping the entire application.

I think this because of the missing focus. When you prototype the component separately, the component is focused. If you prototype the entire application, it seems that the component is not along the focus path. Can you check that?

For more information, please have a look to 'Keyboard events and focus path'.

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yes you understand correctly but not with the actual keyboard, the keyboard i am using is virtual. I am going to check the focus path, thank you.
The virtual keyboard forwards the key press events to the application as if the user had pressed the key on a real keyboard.

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