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Hello, I am a newbie.

My develop platform:
Windows 10 enterprise 10.0.17134.112
Embedded-Wizard free: 9.0
AMR Compile:          MDK V5.25
MCU Hardware:         STM32F767IGT6
Display resolution:   1280x800
SDRAM:                W9825G6KH (winbond 4M x 4BANKS x 16 BITS SDRAM)

0. STM32F769 Discovery platform works OK, port to STM32F767IGT6
1. HelloWorld example works OK.
2. HelloWorld example:
   2.1 if add views: Image, Text, Border, Filled Rectangle, Bevel, it works OK.
   2.2 if add a single line, screen is completely black.
   2.3 if enable FreeRTOS, and add a single line, it works OK.
   serial info:

     ============ serial info ========================
     Initialize Display...                        [OK]
     Initialize Touch Driver...                   [OK]
     Initialize Memory Manager...                 [OK]
     MemoryPool at address 0xC01F4000 size 0x01C18000
     Initialize Graphics Engine...                [OK]
     Create Embedded Wizard Root Object...        [OK]
     Create Embedded Wizard Viewport...           [OK]

3. Other examples:
    if FreeRTOS enabled, works OK, otherwise black screen, but serial info is OK.

Thank you.

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it seems, that you have changed the complete hardware - different MCU, different SDRAM and different display (compared to the STM32F769 Discovery board).

If the application is running (and there are no error messages on serial console), I assume that the display update is not working correctly. Are you using a MIPI-DSI display?

Within the file ew_bsp_display.c (located within the subdirectory /TargetSpecific) you will find the complete display adaptation. Here you can do the necessary adaptations to drive your display (according display datasheet).

It if is working with FreeRTOS but otherwise it is black, maybe the LTDC / DSI interrupts are not configured correctly.

Btw: Did you change the ScreenSize of the application and the framebuffer size within main.c according your display size?

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I have port SDRAM and LTDC to my hardware platform, and use a RGB565 display, not MIPI-DSI. I changed ew_bsp_display.c file with my hardware platform, modified FRAME_BUFFER_WIDT and FRAME_BUFFER_HEIGHT in main.c file.

It is strange that the original Helloworld example works OK, enven can add some text view, but can't add line view.

I am a newbie, and will try to find out why.

Thank you.


if you are using RGB parallel display (and not a MIPI-DSI) it will be easier for you, if you use the STM32F746 Discovery Build Environment and adpat the ew_bsp_display.c file from that package. This will save a lot of work. The Build Environment for STM32F769 Discovery is prepared to use the MIPI-DSI display.

Best regards,


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