unable to trace the Framebuffer data in Embedded wizard Generic platform code

asked Dec 16, 2018 in System Integration by Chaitra
Hi Team,

We are using RGB565 Generic platform package for our GUI Development.

We have below two queries :

1. We were able to figure out that the memory is getting allocated for framebuffer in function "GenericInitViewport()"

"viewport->FrameBuffer = (XGenericSurface*)EwAlloc( sizeof( XGenericSurface ));" but we are unable to tarce were this data is getting filled to frame buffer.

2. For our platform we require image data and the clut data to display the GUI, In the platform package we were unable to trace the "clut array" . from were in Platform package can we trace the clut array and the Image data.

Could you please help us to trace the required details.



Chaitra S G

1 Answer

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answered Dec 17, 2018 by Manfred Schweyer
Hi Chaitra,

the memory for the framebuffer is not allocated within the function GenericInitViewport() - the allocation that you mention is only the descriptor structure to store the address and some parameter of the framebuffer. The memory for the framebuffer itself has to be allocated (or reserverd) by your main application and it has to be provided as parameter within the function EwInitViewport() within your main.c / ewmain.c file. The address of the framebuffer is then available within the function GenericInitViewport() as parameter aDisplay1.

The CLUT is not necessary, because the Platform Package is working in RGB565 color format - the CLUT is only necessary for color format Index8. Why does your platform require a CLUT?

Best regards,


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