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Hello Embedded Wizard Team,

      I started developping a GUI that will draw a Graph progressively on the screen so I added a Graph, a CoordList, a Timer and a Variable. This is the code implemented in the Slot method:

sender; /* the method is called from the sender object */

/* I chose a sin wave as a demo for my GUI for simplicity purposes, this will be later changed to the desired data */

var float Y = math_sin(Variable1) * float(120);

Variable1 = Variable1 + 3;

CoordList.AddCoord( Variable1, Y);

/* This If statement will make the animation loop instead of drawing the line outside the window */

if (Variable1 >960)
    Variable1 = 0;
Graph.Coordinates = CoordList;

this is the result i got ( I used the Button component from the VehicleDataLogger demo ) :


So my question is : how can i make the graph keep drawing inside the borders of the window like in the VehicleDataLogger? Is there a way to do that with the Outline Box tool or am I supposed to shift manually every Coordinates by the step I'm using ? (this is approximately the result I'm looking for. Sorry for the long URL):


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   I figured it out ! I tried using Outline Box but it didn't lead me to anything. So what I did is:

_ Remove the If statement from the Slot ( which was just for demonstration purposes ).

_ Add the InvalidateViewState(); method after adding a new Coordinate (to call the UpdateViewState method) .

_ Add this line of code in the UpdateViewState method:

Graph.CoordOrigin = point (Graph.Bounds.w - (Variable1 * Graph.PixelPerUnit.x), Graph.Bounds.h -127);

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using the Outline Box is not helpful for this use-case, because it is a container to manage GUI components.

In case you want to shift the content within the graph you can use the property CoordOrigin of the Charts::Graph object. However, there is no need to do that within the UpdateViewState method and to make a call to InvalidateViewState().

Just add the new coordinate to the CoordList, assign the CoordList to the Graph and set the CoordOrigin to the desired value.

Best regards,


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