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After building the project , EW will generate many .c .h  profiles 

In these profiles I saw the code below

What is the Compressed strings ?

What do these 0x1F99CC60,0xB0441A3F... mean ?

If I want to show some string ( like Work Hard ) in the screen,

how should I do to modify .c profile without using Embedded Wizard



Best Regards,

Andy Dong

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Hello Andy,

the generated *.H and *.C files are not intended to be modified. You can consider them like intermediate files for the C compiler. The modifications are always made in Embedded Wizard Studio and then you genarate new code. In your concrete question, the values  0x1F99CC60,0xB0441A3F... etc. contain strings used within the project and they are stored in compressed format. This information is evaluated by Embedded Wizard. Evaluating it by yourself does not make sense.

If you want to display some information on the screen, implement this aspect within the Embedded Wizard project. You could, for example, add a Text view to display the text. The string itself can be either built in within the project (e.g. by using a constant) or you receive it dynamically from the device. If this is the aspect interesting you please see:

Integrating with the device


Device Class and Device Driver.

Best regards

Paul Banach

Hi, Paul Banach

Thanks for your help!


Best Regards,

Andy Dong

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