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Hello EW team,

I'm working with NXP IMXRT1050-EVKB in my project and I want to use LPUART3 to send and receive data  from the external peripherals.

At first it did not work but I added the configuration of LPUART3 in the pin-mux.c and it worked fine. Now I can see the debug log through LPUART1 but my question is: Is there a predefined EW function like the EwPrint(); that will read data from the terminal ?

Best regards.

Semeh Jomaa

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Hello Semeh,

sure there is a predefined function. Take a look at ewmain.c and check out the EwGetKeyCommand() function. There you can see how it works to receive commands from the UART console.

To use this interface please take care that you defined USE_TERMINAL_INPUT = 1.

Kind regards

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