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I want to implement vertical list as shown above. Each item has different width and height. 

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actually the Vertical List component is limited to work with items of equal height. There is no way to change this behavior in the actual version. The reason for this limitation is performance.

I would suggest to use the Outline Box in your case. The Outline Box can be configured to automatically arrange its contents (e.g. your items) one below another. The items can have different size.

Disadvantage of Outline Box: There is no mechanism to cache and reload item contents. You will either need to manage all items within the Outline Box or take care of exchanging the items when the user scrolls them outside the Outline Box area.

With our next version 9.30 (scheduled for the end of this year) we plan to redesign the Vertical List and Horizontal List with the aim of removing the above limitation.

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Paul Banach

Did this feature for adjusting the height of components in vertical list?

How can we achieve this feature in embedded wizard?
Hello Melvin,

as explained above, the Vertical List is restricted to have all items of the same height. There is no workaround for this. As explained above you can use the Outline Box to arrange contents of different height one below the other and scroll them. How to do this is explained in the above mentioned documentation.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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