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I have a status bar containing several images in a HorizontalList. These images vary in number and order.

The function, which allocates the images never (I'm pretty sure) inserts the same icon twice in this status bar. However, sometimes in two status bar elements the same icon is displayed.

Is it possible that embedded wizard does not always redraw all of these elements, if I change them? Can I force the HorizontalList to be redrawn?

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if the content of an item changes (e.g. the corresponding data record has changed),it is necessary to Force the list to reload items. 

If the item contents don't change, there is no need to force the reload. The list maintains only few items (the actually visible items + few items above/below the visible area) in the memory. When the user scrolls the list, the list reqests the just exposed items to be loaded with new contents. For this purpose you have to implement the OnLoad slot method. An error in the implementation of your OnLoad slot method can produce problems as described in your question. Are you sure the method always assigns the right bitmap to the just loaded item?

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