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Hi Gents,

 How does one dymanically change the size of an array? myArray.Dimension = x; doesnt work

Also, how does one change the value of an array from within a native() block of code? As...

   var device = EmWiApp._GetAutoObject( EmWiApp.Application.Device );
   device.myArray[1] = 0; 

... doesn't work. Yet...

   device.myVar = 0;

...does work.

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The size of arrays can be defined at design time only - there is no possibility to change the size of an array during runtime. Maybe, following article can help you further:

Dynamiclly modify the array's size

Regarding the access to arrays from native code please see the section: Exchange array contents. Also possible approach: implement the corresponding code in Chora, generate the C code from it and analyze/copy the corresponding C code to your native code.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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