Problem while adding lwip stack to application in IMXRT1064

asked Oct 17, 2019 in System Integration by prasanth
Dear all,

      I'm using IMXRT1064 development board. I need to use GUI Design with TCP Connection in a board. So i used an example coffee machine and build it to gets a code which is running at MCUXpresso IDE(which is i'm using) and thats working fine. But i need Ethernet communication also. So i use the SDK example tcpecho which was provided by NXP is taken as a reference to add the lwip stack,ethernet and phy drivers to it. If i run that stack it didn't run due to heap memory issue. So i increased the heap memory and run it. I can get the Board network configuration parameters but the board didn't ping. It didn't respond even i comment creating GUI task.

   I don't know why its happed. Please assist me to solve this issue.


Thanks & Regards,


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answered Oct 20, 2019 by Manfred Schweyer
Hi Presanth.

It seems that your question is not related to GUI development with Embedded Wizard... Correct?

Concerning Ethernet and lwIP - maybe you will get some help within NXP development forum.

Best regards,

commented Oct 21, 2019 by prasanth
Dear Manfred,

           Yes you are right. I will ask about this to NXP.

Thanks & Regards,


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