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   Board = imxrt1064evk.

   SDK = SDK_2.7.0_EVK-MIMXRT1064

   I am trying to port ew_gui(ew_gui_bezier_clock) to free rtos.

   I am getting error ew_gui ew_bsp_clock.c used systick handler and free rtos also using systick handler.

   If i comment systick handler in ew_bsp_clock.c there is no error but only idle thread is running GuiThread(priority 5) is not running.

   How to solve this issue ?

   How to port ew_gui to free rtos ?

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Hi Vasu,

thank you for using our NXP SDK Examples.

This example base is conceptionated for giving a first impression of our UI solution. So, within these examples the FreeRTOS functionality and especially the therefore necessary code parts are partly excluded by purpose.

If you want to see how a Embedded Wizard UI works with FreeRTOS, I kindly forward you to our Getting Started article here and our stand-alone Build Environment that you can download here.

Within this Build Environment you can find the same examples as in your NXP SDK, additionally with FreeRTOS as OS. The IDE projects in it are preconfigured for running with FreeRTOS.

After your registration you'll get download links for the Build Environment and the Embedded Wizard Studio Free. With Embedded Wizard Studio you can open, edit and generate the UI examples and start your own UI project within minutes.

Best regards,


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