Attributed Text: Alignment doesn't work

asked Feb 26 in GUI Development by g.costa

I have an issue with Attributed Tex alignment. If I set as alignment:

Views::TextAlignment[AlignHorzCenter, AlignVertCenter]

the string defined for the Attributed Tex :

"Salvare le modifiche ({clr1}*{clr0})\neffettuate?"

is not horizontally aligned (only vertically).

What should I to do to be able to view my text aligned horizontally?

EW version:9.00

Target device: STM32 F7



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answered Feb 26 by Paul Banach
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Hello Gianluca,

this is correct behavior. In case of the Attributed Text, the Alignment property affects the position of the entire text block containing the rendered attributed text. The behavior is explained in the section Align the content within the Attributed Text view area.

In order to align the paragraphs in Attributed Text the respective attributes e.g. {parc} has to be used. Please see Layout the text in paragraphs. Accordingly, just add {parc} in front of Salvare le .... Per default, the paragraphs are left aligned.

Does it help you?

Best regards

Paul Banach

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