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Hello Team,

        I'm thinking about a problem.For example:

       I can use hardware control this HorizontalSlider and change this value.

This is the HorizontalSlider.CurrentValue,and i want to get the value externally.What should i do?

My purpose: My hardware cpu can also receive this corresponding value when I change value embedded wizard ui.

for example : in my project:

//it can printf
printf("value = %d\r\n",value);

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Hello Tonny,

in almost every GUI application it is the goal to interact with the underlying hardware: e.g. to display a certain value that is read or to set a certain value that the user has changed.

For all the differen screnarios and aspects we have prepared a very detailed documentation - let me recommend the chapters Integrating with the device and Implementing a Device Interface.

Forthermore, within most Build Environments you will find the example 'DeviceIntegration' which contains a simple example to access the underlying system.

Best regards,


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