Localization does not work on NXP 1060

asked Apr 28 in Embedded Wizard Studio by jirgl
Hello, I have a problem with localizations. I have Default (english) and chinese localizations. I used this manual https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/managing-localization?v=9.30. It works excellent in case of Prototyper. I just select language in language section and Prototyper displays correct language. For flashing I used this manual https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/getting-started-mimxrt1060-evk?v=9.30.

So, I select chinese language in embedded wizard, hit F8 and then "make install". I always see default language on display of real device. If I change default translations to chinese. I see chinese characters correctly.

Why I always see default localization? What I should set to display specific localization on real device?

Thank for help,

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answered Apr 28 by Manfred Schweyer
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Hello Jakub,

the language selection box (where you can switch from Default to Chinese) defines only the currently active language used within the Composer or Prototyper. It does not affect the code generation! 

On the target system, the application starts with the Default language. If you want to change the language dynamically during runtime, please have a look to the section Select the actual language.

Best regards,


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