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Hello Team,

            I have a simple question.

           I want to jump to the next interface after a certain delay,Here is an example:


          Specifically, When I run the embedded wizard(ctrl + F5).

          It starts with a white background and a black text "1",   After five seconds,  it changed a black background and a white text "2".

          In the embedded wizrd,I set a Timer, but I don't know how to jump automatically,Can you teach me how to do it ??

Best regards,



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Hello Tonny,

for such purpose you can use the Dialogs. With this functionality you can present, dismiss and switch between 'dialogs' or generally said between GUI components. This approach is very powerful. You can even specify animation to perform when switching the dialogs. It is however also a dificult approach. The referenced documentation contain diverse examples of how to use this technique. I recommend you to study this documentation exactly before you start with your own implementation.

Much more simple are the approaches explained in the section Compose the component programmatically. Concrete, you can create a new instance of a GUI component and 'add' it to the application. In this way the component appears on the screen. Later you can 'remove' the instance again so that it disappears.

Even more simple is the aproach to show/hide an already existing component. In this case when the timer expires you set the Visible property of the component to the value true (to show it) or false to hide it. Please see the section: Control the visibility of nested components.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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