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I want to build a GUI to ON/OFF a LED by stm32f746 discovery but in code generating this error accures:
"ERROR: The requested color format RGB565 is not supported for this platform"

I use below image In GUI:

I installed

★Embedded Wizard Studio Free or Embedded Wizard Studio Pro

★Embedded Wizard STM32 Platform Package

★Embedded Wizard Build Environment for STM32F746 Discovery

I can not fix it.please help me

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please try first to run the provided examples (e.g. HelloWorld) for your target according the Getting Started with STM32F746 Discovey documentation.

Does this work?

In a second step, you can try to run the example DeviceIntegration which demonstrates the access to the LED.

Does this work?

Now, you can make your own modifications and implement your own GUI. If there is still an error message, please check if there are other (earlier) messages within the Log Window. You can post the entire message here.

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Can you please tell the OutputDirectory configuration

The attribute OutputDirectory should refer to the \Application\GeneratedCode directory within your Build Environment. By using the provided template, it will be very easy to build the UI project for your target.

I have same error for MXRT1050 can you please tell me how to rectify this issue please

please open a new question and describe what you have done so far, what toolchain you are using, what version you have and what error you get. In this thread we have discussed about STM32F746...

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Manfred Schweyer Thank you very much for your inputs. It works

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