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Hi, We have integrated EW stack(library) in our system and our system is based on GHS tool-chain. 

After integrating, When we execute, we got some exception in our system from the EW library and the cause is due to the floating point instruction used in the library.

We too have used the floating point instruction in our system application and those instruction doesn't cause any issues.

FYI, GHS compiler options related to floating point operation which we used are -fpu=vfpv5_d16 -fsoft.

Do we need to add any specific compiler / linker option as the library is GCC and our system is GHS?

Do we miss something here in order to run the EW in GHS system? 

Could you please feedback?


Thank you!

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so far we did not use the GHS compiler. And I cannot confirm if GHS is able to link with GCC (or IAR or KEIL) libraries. For such an environment it might be better to use the source code of Graphics Engine and Runtime Environment.

Depending on the target it might be necessary to use the single-precision FPU setting. Maybe this already helps to solve the issue.

Concerning the compiler settings, please have a look into the provided makefile of our Build Environments (/Application/Project/GCC) - there you can see all used compiler and linker settings.

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