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Hello team,

my embedded wizard used to use (Q/W/E/R) keys to jump different interface,
Now, I want to send a command outside code, for example: Send "0001" to jump to the first interface on the screen, send "0002", to jump to the second interface on the screen.
How do I switch the interface after receiving information here and calling it in the embedded wizard?
Could you tell me the simple way?
Can you tell me how to think ?

Thank you very much..
Best regards,

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Hi Tonny,

as first I would like to forward you to our doc article which explains the Device Integration. This article describes how signals and data can be transferred into a Embedded Wizard GUI. Within your Build Environment you also can find the related example under ‘Examples/Device Integration’, which already illustrated how to send data from ‘outside’ Embedded Wizard. When this example is running on your device, you can press a button on the back to increase a counter. This counter is located ‘outside’ Embedded Wizard as well.

This concept is full finished by a so called ‘Device Interface’. A device interface can be interpreted as the whole sum of all Commands, System Events, Properties, System Event Handler and Property Observer. Every of these brick is also explained as sub chapter.

To solve your problem you need a Property and its update method in your device driver class and a Property Observer located in your application class. I assume you already have a slot method prepared which changes the interface. This slot method probably is connected (search for ‘OnPress’ in the inspector window) to your Key Press Handler and manages the different screens.

As next, just let trigger the Property Observer this slot method as well (also with the ‘Outlet’ property in the inspector window). Additionally the property which actually represent the interface state, can be read within the slot method.

The already mentioned device class update method of course will be generated automatically when you generated the code. These update method is then available to use within your source code, for example in you main loop.

Best regards,


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