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I'm using custom board with STM32H7 series microcontroller, external SDRAM (FMC), external QSPI Flash, and LCD interfaced  through 24 bit Parallel RGB.  I would like to know how to place images and fonts in external flash and frame buffer in external RAM. we are using STM32Cube IDE.
I tried hello world example given in embedded wizard studio and followed the instructions. To execute this example i have used Atollic True studio and have changed the required hardware configuration like MPU, QSPI, FMC, LTDC based on my custom board but didn't get the expected result in LCD and it displays blank screen.
I would like to know how to change the asset and frame buffer location.  In linker file found a section which is created for QSPI Flash and static images were assigned to that location.  I tried to move those images to internal flash by removing the section and had change the frame buffer from address 0xc0000000 to internal SRAM address. Still same issue exists.

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first of all, let me recommend the chapter Custom specific hardware at the end of the document Getting Started with STM32H743 Evalboard.

The location of the framebuffer (and doublebuffer) can be done within the file ewconfig.h that you will find within the directory /Application/Source. Please make sure that the LTDC is reading from the same location.

Due to the fact that you have your own hardware, let me recommend to execute the memory check - just to be sure that everything is o.k. with the SDRAM.

If you still have some issues, please let us know the entire output within the console window - and maybe you can post an image of the result on the LCD.

Best regards,

Manfred Schweyer.


Hi Manfred Schweyer

   As you suggest i have executed memory check and verified SDRAM is working. After creating embedded wizard view port system gets halted. Attaching console window output for your reference.  I have tried with both internal flash and external flash and observed the same result. LCD displays blank screen.  

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