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Hi Manfred,

I have been using the EW for a UI development, which need to support many languages. There are few characters which are not displayed. Below are few strings which are not displayed (Greek, Bulgarian, Ukraine, Russian):





Font ranges for the above characters include required range (tried with 0x0001 to 0xFFFF too), but still these characters are not displayed. The font used is 'Source Sans Pro' for all these characters.

Looks like these characters are from Latin Extended-A, Greek and Coptic or Cyrillic sets. I believe latest version 9.30 will support these characters.

Can you please let me know the solution for this issue? or is there anything I am doing wrong?


Best Regards,


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Hi Santhosh,

of course, you can display such strings with Embedded Wizard - this is well supported.

However, according to the error message 180 it is not possible to get the metrics for the requested glyph. This means, that the font 'Source Sans Pro' does not contain some of the requested glyphs.

The error message contains the character code of the glyph that is not available.

Can you test your application with another font?

Best regards,



Hi Manfred

   Thanks for your quick response. Changed the font to 'Arial' and all the characters are displayed now.

Best Regards,


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