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Hello team,

        in the figure:

Application::Device1.CommandPrint_parameter ( 71936 +Slider.CurrentValue);    

I set a knob outside to change the horizontalslider ,and the function is then called as long as it runs,

But I found that when I didn't use the knob, I gave the ( 71936 +Slider.CurrentValue) ,why?

Can you call this function when you use the knob,Otherwise don't call the function.

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Hello Tonny,

I'm not sure whether I understand what you try to achieve and what is not working as expected. In your screenshot I see you have assigned the onEvent slot method to the four event sources OnChange, OnEnd, OnStart and OnUpdate. Possibly you can try to remove the assignment with OnUpdate. In other words set OnUpdate to nullOnUpdate is similarly signaled as OnChange is.

If this is not the expected solution, please provide more precise explanation of the issue.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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