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I'm just trying to get started with Embedded Wizard using STM32CubeIDE to look after the RTOS side of the project.

I'm struggling to understand how to add my usual STM32CubeIDE generated RTOS code using the built in CubeMX configiration tool without overwriting any of the Embedded Wizard template that already exists in the platform workspace.

When using all ST tools I take a board specific template and modify the hardware configuration with the built-in CubeMX tool. This generates the RTOS environment which can then be modified with code to manage the devices and link to the GUI of choice.

Does this method hold true when using Embbedd Wizard or did I miss something in the documention about platforms?

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Hi there,

please take into account that STM32CubeMX is just a plug-in for STM32CubeIDE. We do support STM32CubeIDE with a predefined IDE project, but this doesn’t imply that every ST plug-in like STM32CubeMX is compatible with the project that we offer. STM32CubeMX basically is just an tool for initializing ST MCUs / Boards. By using this software it’s recommended to adapt your code to the STM32CubeMX syntax like ‘User defined code’ areas. That isn’t our preferred concept.

Nevertheless, a couple of month ago we have made a PoC to figure out how it an Embedded Wizard IDE project has to look to be compatible with the STM32CubeMX workflow. Within this thread you can find an Embedded Wizard Build Environment project that is configured for the use with STM32CubeMX as well.

Generally speaking, STM32CubeMX is currently not related to Embedded Wizard nor necessary for it.

Hopefully this helps,

best regards,



Hi Tim,

Many thanks for getting back to me.

We are not tied to using the STM32CubeMX format of code with "user defined code", that's just what we have used so far on our initial development. I'll have a look through the example you kindly linked for the STMCubeMX approach and see if that can get us moving forward.

Following on from what you told me above I have been searching, without success, for some examples using the "preferred concept" to get an idea of best practice when interfacing the GUI functions and hardware interface that would otherwise go in the "user defined areas" of a STM32CubeMX project.

I'll keep looking and hopefully turn something up that helps us make a decision on which direction to take.

Kind regards




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