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i am suraj.

i am working in a project in which i have to count the number of times the push button is pressed and show it in a value display timer,

as of i saw there is two to three methods in which we can use property and slot function to implement it by relating it both

second method is that the use of class in which the class contains the property blocks and so similar to the above method

and next is the method which i dont know for sure it will work or not, using a value display config and value display block and to interface it with push button

please do help me to know whether this above third method is possible or not??

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Hello Suraj,

I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean. Does you question refer the other thread push button wants function to activate and value display property how to interface both???

Best regards

Paul Banach

hi paul,

thanks for your response, i mean to say that by using the push button for every press of the push button the value of the counter should increase by one and to display the value in the value display or in text. i got the answer solving through the push button and by using variable.

thank you

with regards


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