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I'm facing a problem in this step.

Mount the Build Environment folder of your PC to this new share directory. Please use the IP address of your PC and your login name on the PC. In order to get access to your shared directory, you need to insert your PC login password.

  sudo mount.cifs //192.168.178.xxx/RasPi-4B /home/pi/share/ -o user=<YourWindowsLogin>

I'm always getting an error with "Newline". How should I adapt this so that it's working? I need a real example code...

(The connection with Putty is working and the step creating a folder is working.)



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Hello Simon,

I'm not sure what you mean with a 'real example code'...

If your PC has the IP address and your Windows Login is Simon_L, then you should try the following command:

  sudo mount.cifs // /home/pi/share/ -o user=Simon_L

Does this answer your question?

Best regards,


Hello Manfred, thank you. Now I'm one step closer...

mount error (13): Permission denied

If I try to remove "read only" in the folder settings of "RasPi-4B" it's not keeping this setting.

I googled it, it's a Windows feature. But how can I remove it?

Thank you for your support.
Hello Simon,
did you enable read AND write access for everyone when sharing your Windows 'RasPi-4B' folder?


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