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Hi All,

We are looking to develop another product with Embedded Wizard, cheaper than out last one. We are using the STM32F429 with  a display with a resolution of 240 x 320. Is external memory (SDRAM) required by Embedded Wizard?  We are looking to hit a particular price point, hence the question.

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Hello MikeZ,

in principle it is possible to create Embedded Wizard GUI applications for targets with no external SDRAM and only a certain amount of internal SRAM. Embedded Wizard supports different framebuffer integration modes and many configuration options to reduce the memory footprint. Let me refer to the chapters Framebuffer Concepts and Memory Footprint for more details.

Are you using a display with external memory? Then you can use a small scratch-pad buffer instead of a framebuffer.

How much internal memory (SRAM) do you have for your GUI application?

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Hi Manfred,

Much thanks, I will check out the chapters you refer to. Preliminary, we have 260K of internal SRAM, of which  150-230KB could be allocated for the GUI. We had previously used a display with external SDRAM, but the thinking at the moment is to use the internal SRAM of the STM32F429, having examined carefully the map file  of the code of our existing product.

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