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When I build this project I get the following error regarding the "value" in the Onset method. I adapted this code from "DeviceIntegration.ewp" which has no errors.


Here is the error:.

[16.2.2021  0:31:20] Information : Generating code for the profile 'STM32F746' ...
[16.2.2021  0:31:20] Error Application::DeviceClass.Command (1:32) : Unknown identifier 'value' found.
[16.2.2021  0:31:45] Information : Prototype the class 'Application::Application' ...

Here is the error in the EW environment. How do I resolve it?


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it seems that you have copy-pasted the content of the OnSetLedStatus onset method into the regular method Command(). The onset methods have a default parameter named value. It represents the new assigned value to the property (e.g. to the LedStatus property). In turn, the Command() method (according to the above screenshot) contains two parameter named aParameter1 and aParameter2. As consequence, Embedded Wizard reports an error, because the identifier value is unknown in Command() method.

Does it help you further?

Best regards

Paul Banach

Thanks Paul,


I was not aware of the Command () method having the same code as the Onset i.e. OnSetLedStatus () method. I dragged another Device Interface from the template (Device 2)  and looked in it's command () method code and copied and pasted it in the command() method of device1 and the build error went away.




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