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Hi, I am having an issue with timers in V9.20.

If I use Timer.Enabled = true and Timer.Enabled = false, everything is fine.

As soon as I use Timer.restart( 0, xxx ), I cannot get the timer to stop, either with Timer.Enabled = false or Timer.StopTimer.

I have used debug traces to ensure it is not being re-triggered.

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Hello Phil,

the method restart() is an internal method not intended to be used and the method is not documented. In order to restart a timer, just set the property Enabled to the value false and true:

Timer.Enabled = false;
Timer.Enabled = true;

See also our documentation Start, stop and restart the Timer object.

Does it help you further?

Best regards

Paul Banach

Yes, that explains it.

Unfortunately I have used it in many places, successfully in most of them.

I will strip it out and use the correct method.

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