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I devloped my own custom build environment for stm32f777NIHX microcontroller ,I want to integrate Embedded Wizard free version(platform package and RTE) with my build environment, I am adapting stm32f746-discovery board as the base for integration (since parallel connection).

I copied the platform package foleder and RTE folder to my workspace in stm32cubeIDE, but i am getting make erroras shown below



I also tried to include the file in properties option (gcc linker) still i get this error .

My Questions:

  • Is there a proper method to include these files to stm32Cube IDE because i saw them in dicovery board example?
  • Can i work like this or do i need license to integrate the EW to my own hardware?
  • I also installed the platform package for stm32f7 , if we install them do we get library file and if yes where are they available?
  • Can you make a Monday mastercalss like video about the complete process of Embedded wizard integration with a custom specific harware.
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Hi Muhundan,

1. The configuration of a STM32CubeIDE project is an ordinary process, which have to made done. Unfortunately there is no other way as including and adding each file after each other. For me it seems more like that you have missed out to add the include paths under 'Right click on project -> C/C++ General -> Includes' ? Could you please check that?

2. Yes you can. The free version especially the resource files are usable in any way you want. You can setup your project with the free resources and later simply replace the libraries by the professional source files.

3. The Platform Package (.msi file) is the addition to expand Embedded Wizard Studio for the underlying MCU family. This windows based file has nothing to do with the libraries, which you use in your IDE Project. When downloading a Build Environment for an evaluation board, you always get all .c/.h files and libs in that Package.

I will discuss that request with my colleagues. In the meantime, please take a look into this thread:

Bring-up on customer specific hardware


Best regards,


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