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is there any way to resize an object created as a class or do you have to duplicate the class and modify the individual objects/images it contains?

For example, your sample application "Dashboard" has an unit "Dashboard" that includes several classes (Gauge, GaugeLabels,....),
so, I would need to reduce the size of the guage created in this application.

I am trying to use the "class variant" but it not so clear as it works.

Thank you in advance and best regards
Monti G.

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Hi Monti,

there are different approaches to deal with resizing of GUI components - you can create a variant of a class and adapt it to the desired size or you can use the layout mechanism to arrange and resize the members of a GUI component.

If you want to use the "class variant", let me recommend to have a look to other examples than the Dashboard demo, which already contains variants for different screen sizes. 

The following examples are installed with Embedded Wizard Studio and shows the usage of variants: ClimateCabinet, PaperCutter, WashingMachine.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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Hi Manfred,

thanks for your reply.

Looking to WashingMachine example I found Washer and WasherVariant unit.

Is there any procedure to create WashingVariant unit?

Because, the Shift+Ctrl+Alt combination key is not supported by the unit brick.

Best regards

Monti G.
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Hi Monti,

you cannot create a variant of a unit - but you can create a new (empty) unit and put the variants of your classes and resources into this unit.

This is how it was done in case of the WashingMachine example.

Best regards,


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