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we want to store strings (log messages, warnings, errors, ...) in a database and send them to a cloud if necessary. To reduce traffic, we don't want to transfer the same string for all languages. Therefore exchanging only an identifier might be the best. Sadly the string variable name can not be used to identify the string. I thought about using an enum, but exchanging EW enums is also problematic.

Currently we created a "Strings.ewu" with an excel sheet, as demonstrated in the "String table" example project.

Do you have any idea or is there a generic way how to exchange strings or string ids with external applications?

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Hello Jonas,
If you want to access strings via sting id, you might need a mapping table. In this case I can recommend to generate an Enum together with a mapping function out of the Excel sheet containing all your strings.
Note, If you also use the sting id within the GUI do assign the string eg. to a TextView, please make sure that you handle a language change manually.
If you need any support here, send me a message.

With kind regards,
Hi Rudolf,

actually we don't want to use a number for identifying the string, because the order in the excel sheet can change. Therefore it might be necessary to use string comparisons in the mapping function, which will reduce the performance. IfI have understood you correctly, a mapping function is the only way to exchange strings.

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