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    i have string value with alphanumeric [ XYZ001]

   it is not accept the special character so how i add validation

var string input= "XYZ001";

Input.find( aChar, aStartIndex );  //this implemention is correct

how we filter the special character from input string.please help me to resolve this.


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Hello Ramesh.g,

I assume the string has been entered by the user and you want to verify whether the string content is correct. In such case you would implement a loop to iterate through the string characters and test character by character whether it corresponds to the expected syntax. For example, if the string is allowed to store ascii characters A-Z and digits 0-9, following could be the implementation:

var string text  = .... // your string
var int32  len   = text.length;
var bool   valid = len > 0;
var int32  inx;

for ( inx = 0; ( inx < len ) && valid; inx = inx + 1 )
  if ((( text[inx] < 'A' ) || ( text[inx] > 'Z' )) &&
      (( text[inx] < '0' ) || ( text[inx] > '9' )))
    valid = false;

if ( !valid )
  trace "The text is not valid";

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the quick update .It is working fine.

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