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I wanted to try Wizard Studio.
I downloaded "Embedded Wizard Studio Free 11" for i.MX RT1060 EVK Development Board.
In example "ew_gui_bezier_clock" there is generated code from Wizard in version Version  : 9.30. The version that is by default for download is the newest 11.00.
So in compilation there are errors:
"#error Wrong version of Embedded Wizard Graphics Engine."
So my question is:
- how I can download version 9.30 that is compatible with example or?
- maybe it is possible to update the example to version 11.00?

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Hi Piotr,

it seems that you have some mixture between the examples that are provided within the NXP SDK and our Build Environments. Please note, that the SDK examples are based on older versions of Embedded Wizard.

Please download Embedded Wizard Studio Free and also the Build Environment for iMXRT1060 EVK (according to the email that you receive after registration). Then follow our Getting Started with iMXRT1060 documentation and you will have everything up and running within a couple of minutes.

Does it work?

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Manfred thank you for fast response!

Best regards


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